Following are tips to posting and formatting your Job Posts.

Preview Job (orange button at bottom of Job Edit web page) -- The preview is a pop-up window. To preview your posting you must allow Pop-Ups (not disabled or blocked). Important: you must complete the required fields before you can Preview or Purchase. Your ad will not be saved until you click on a button at the bottom of the form.

Using Keyword Search -- The Keyword Search option uses words found in the Description. If the your keywords are not included in your description, please add the keywords to the end of your description. For example, Keywords: Site Planning


For the fields: Description, Skills/Experience, Education

Copying Text from Word, Google, or Other Applications -- Copying text from an application will include hidden style codes. It is recommended that you use a plain text editor, such as Notepad, to filter out the hidden formatting codes. For example, copy your text from Word to Notepad. From Notepad, delete the extra lines, spaces, tabs, and bullets to arrange the text. Then copy your text from Notepad to the JobLink HTML Editor.

Using an Online HTML Editor -- You can use an online HTML editor to format text from Word or other applications. For example, will allow you to copy text from Word and then "clean" your text (click on Clean). After cleaning your text you can copy the formatted text to JobLink (the right-side text, not the HTML code). From, click on DEMO (upper left page) for an example. WARNING: the HTML5-Editor has features not fully supported on JobLink. For formatting, please use only the text and bullet features.

Using the HTML Editor to Format Text (Paragraph Style) -- On the second line of the HTML Editor, after the New Paragraph button, is the text format menu with the default value "Normal." Highlight the text you want to format and then select the format from the drop-down menu. The Heading options include line spacing, so you should not add extra lines when using those options.


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