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Alex George, ASLAAlex George is a licensed landscape architect seeking a full-time or part-time (consultant) position in the Los Angeles area. My primary focus is residential and estate design. For my resume and portfolio, please see "Portfolio" link.Landscape1103814
Eddie Meyerholz, Student Affil ASLAMy goal is to create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces, including areas of human and natural habitat interface. 
I have 8 years of landscape design experience, freelance residential design and also working for a commercial landscape company.  I'm coming to the ASLA with non-traditional qualifications.  I have a Bachelor's degree in earth science and a landscape design certificate.  I'm a landscape designer by definition, but my vision is to create outdoor spaces that address real social issues.  It's also to make connections between nature and our built environment, and honor their differences.
Dewayne L. Goldmon, Associate ASLA

I am a recent graduate seeking a full-time landscape architecture position in the Midwest/Southern US where I can apply sustainable practices and positively impact communities through design, as well as work toward licensure.

Matthew Brian Crownover, Student ASLA

A passionate, perpetually curious MLA graduate seeking an entry-level landscape architect/designer position. Equipped with a broad skill set and eagerness for challenge and collaborative ideas, I would be a strong addition to the future of your firm.

Krithika Mohan, Student ASLAActively seeking internship or full-time opportunities to grow as a creative problem solver in the field of Landscape Architecture.Designer1167996
Breanna N. Stoll, Student ASLAObtain a landscape designer position with a landscape architecture firm that will utilize years of experience in designing and maintaining gardens and lawns and allow for further growth potential. Interested in interning to earn hours towards LARE.Designer1168141
Hiu Wing Tang, Student ASLA Landscape1168993
Daria L. Gelman, Student ASLAI am looking to join a firm that values team work, artistry, and sustainability when it comes to design. Landscape1169344
Helen Tyson Siewers, ASLA

Serve the public good in a dynamic and professional environment. Apply my skills and experience in landscape architecture, strategic master planning, project management, and interpersonal relations. 



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