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Katrina Majewski, ASLAI am a licensed landscape architect (CA & NY), with 12 years of experience, looking for full-time employment as a landscape architect and/or urban designer in the NYC Metro area.Landscape1141401
Georg Detz, Associate ASLAFour years Landscape Architecture site design, construction documentation knowledge. Seeking to obtain an Entry-Level Landscape Architect position working in public and private infrastructure that promotes urban/ rural sustainability, revitalization, aesthetically pleasing designs as well as fulfill a passion for designing natural and park settings. Look forward to gaining valuable skills where I hope to acquire additional knowledge and experience to pursue licensure.Landscape1161135
Stephen Ulman, Associate ASLA
Gonzalo Mannucci, ASLAI am seeking an entry level landscape designer role with a firm that marries their ecological mission to their aesthetic vision.  I want to leverage both my creative and technical skill sets to support a team of experienced landscape architects,  to grow professionally and learn from real-world practice.  I have a goal of professional licensure in the state of California within 3-5 years. Landscape1166078


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