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Alex George, ASLAAlex George is a licensed landscape architect seeking a full-time or part-time (consultant) position in the Los Angeles area. Residential and estate design is my primary focus. I have a solid background (first career) in writing and marketing. For my resume and portfolio, please click on "Portfolio" link. Landscape1103814
Gordon Lemmel, ASLAMy body of work that reflect my clients’ goals and objectives, while incorporating my love of art and creativity in landscape architecture. I draw inspiration from watching how people interact within their environment – the way they sit, stand, play, relax, entertain, their overall posture and attitude – and his designs explore how to best foster these interactions.

Over the past decade, I have turned a childhood love of drawing and playing outside into a successful career, and I wish, or objective, is to share some of this joy with others by developing wonderful outdoor spaces. I get to do what I love…and love what I do.
Daniel M. Kaiser, Student ASLACurrently seeking entry level positions and a place to call home.  I graduated from Ball State University this year and would love to work in a firm that values Sustainable Practice, Quality Design and Community.    

Wanqin Su
With about two years of experience in design-oriented environment, I have participated all phases of creating code compliant designs to satisfy communities, clients and cities. Having lived and worked in Puget Sound Area, San Francisco Bay Area, New Orleans, Shanghai and Southeast China, the interaction between human and the environment fascinates Me. I always appreciate new opportunities that give me a chance to explore different aspects of the field, and to meet talented professionals. 

Sarah E. WhiteleyI graduated from the University of Maryland in Spring of 2018 with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. I am seeking an entry level landscape architecture position in the D.C. Metro Area.Landscape1167139
Daria L. Gelman, Student ASLAI am looking to join a firm that values team work, artistry, and sustainability when it comes to design. Landscape1169344


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